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​AET REMOULD Launches the Latest Rolex Daytona Modified Watch

08-21     AET REMOULD

 Picasso, one of the greatest artistic geniuses of the 20th century, the name has become a brilliant artistic symbol. His amazing talent and creativity exert a profound impact on the endless exploration spirit of art forms.


AET REMOULD loves his creativity and artistic attitude of always loyal to freedom. To pay tribute to great artists, we have obtained the Picasso Art IP authorization to modify the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona series watch with ceramics, retain the original movement, integrate Picasso's classic works of art, and engrave it into an eternal memorial in time.


Ceramics have become one of the most common materials for watches because of its excellent wear resistance. However, the final texture, beauty and touch of ceramics largely depend on the processing technology of the brand. Watch-making is an art that is accurate to millimeters which can only be perfect by precise design and refined polishing. AET REMOULD masters the most advanced ceramic processing technology.


Meanwhile, ceramics can be easily cracking during processing. We use customized diamond tools to cut the case out of the ceramics and the most advanced six-axis linkage CNC for precision machining and drilling to protect its integrity and beauty. Part of the details are also hand-polished, to make it warm and flawless, and exuded a soft natural luster. After polishing, special materials are sprayed three times to achieve maximum scratch and dirt resistance to maintain the brilliance and cleanliness of the ceramic.


A precious metal liner is added to the ceramic watch case. The time-adjusting button at 3 o'clock and the press system at 2 and 4 o'clock are assembled with screw keys with good waterproof performance. Every detail pursues the ultimate, which greatly guarantees the superiority of the waterproof performance of the AET REMOULD Daytona Picasso collection, which is much higher than that of ordinary ceramic watches.


AET REMOULD has always adhered to its original intention, that's why our ceramic straps are extraordinary as well. The strap links are formed by a customized mold. After fine grinding, they are as smooth as jade, and as crystal as clear, which greatly enhances the wearing experience - elegant, beautiful and comfortable.


Apart from overcome technical difficulties, we pursue visual enjoyment as well. Drawn on the dial, Picasso's paintings show a rich and charming art culture, including his thinking about the world, the persistence of ideals, and the eternal pursuit of art, beauty and freedom, goodness and soul.


The Picasso collection is one of the three major collections of the new Daytona ceramic launched by AET REMOULD. The other two series are the classic and the Rodin collections. Combining the art of the collection level with the art of the watch, we protect and cherish the classics in the fashion of the times.

Company Name: AET REMOULD

Contact Person: Julia

Email: aetremould@gmail.com

Website: www.aetremould.com

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